Mead® Renu - Renewable Notebooks

Project Scope

Create a new line of notebooks and packaging that are sustainable, safe for the environment and easy to maintain. Since Mead® has multiple brands, this new notebook should have it's own unique style that stands out.

The Reasoning

Traditional papermaking methods are harmful to the environment and very wasteful. Trying to limit the use of trees, water, and toxic chemicals was behind the idea to create a line of 100% natural, reusable notebooks.

Company Background

Mead® is part of the ACCO Brands Family of industry-leading planning solutions. Their products help busy people plan and organize their lives. For over 150 years, ACCO Brands has been helping individuals and businesses with planning, organizing and learning.

Global Impact

In an effort to reduce waste and utilize the recycling process, some companies have begun developing synthetic paper. This paper is environmentally friendly and reusable. YUPO® is one such company. They've created a synthetic paper that is waterproof, pulp free, and 100% recyclable. Utilizing these new methods will help curb deforestation and may eliminate most toxic traditional paper making techniques.


Packaging 3


May 2011


Logo Design, Packaging, Product Design


Illustrator, Photoshop, EPSON 1900